Tallahassee Multi-Family Center 


Executive Summary

Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida. As the capital, it is the site of 30 state agency headquarters and has a population of approximately 194,000. The population in the Tallahassee Metropolitan Area is approximately 385,145 as of 2018. The city is known for its many law firms, lobbying organizations and professional associations. Tallahassee is also the site of the recognized scientific research facility, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Located along Florida's I-10 corridor in the Panhandle, Tallahassee has a fusion of cosmopolitan flair and Southern charm. Tallahassee is a place that combines history, college town, culture and politics. There are at least 8 colleges in Tallahassee with the largest schools being Florida State University, Florida A & M University and Tallahassee Community College. Tallahassee is home to Florida State University, ranked the nation's thirty-third best public university by U.S. News & World Report. It is also home to Florida A&M University, the fifth-largest historically black university by total enrollment. Tallahassee Community College is a large state college that serves mainly as a feeder school to Florida State and Florida A&M. Tallahassee qualifies as a significant college town, with a student population exceeding 70,000 students

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